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Despre noi

Our fashion house will not be built to inspire from others, our inspiration comes from light and love!

The Company

Iselin Dimitri fashion house is not one with history, but one with the history in it’s soul.

The mother of our designer, Iselin Dimitri, worked as a fashion creator in the creation workshop of the Romanian Dunareana textile factory.
Her great-grandmother was a Russian tailor who made clothes for the tsarina of the last Russian tsar, untill she had to come to Romania during the Russian revolution.

With the same prestige and elegance he also founded the fashion house Iselin Dimitri in Bucharest, where she brought the concept of corset back to the foreground and offered the woman the opportunity to choose! To choose the one with which he wants to wear, to match, to associate her corsets with whatever she wants!
“We do not copy! We prove the uniqueness with our finger!

Our Meaning

The Russian name of “Iselin” means “dream”and signifies the attempt to keep her memory alive. The name of Dimitrie, it’s still carried with pride by our family.

Our Vision

We would like each corset made to be unique, of course it is impossible to make so many models of corsets, all different, but if I think better, they are all different. We will never be able to have the same pattern because only I realize their design! I don’t make them a pattern! I make them manually, each one individually. Basically they are hand-made. We can give a reference model, but the one made after that model will definitely have an extra flower. So ladies, your corsets are unique! ”

The Founder

Our designer has studies in the field, finished the National University of Arts and Design- Fashion Section-Bucharest, where he completed the studies with note 10.
He also graduated from the Carol Davilla Bucharest Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.

In addition to this, he obtained a certificate of stylist, printmaker, tailor – completing the ILBAH-Bucharest workshops.

The apprenticeship was carried out for 1 year in the workshop of the Cristallini-Bucharest fashion house.

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